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WESTiN Automotive 27-6000 Sure-Grip Light ..

Sure-Grip Running Board Light Kit; For Sure-Grip Running Boards; Incl. 4 LED Lights; 2 Per Side; Complete Wiring Harness;Can be positioned anywhere along the top rail. Illuminated when the door is opened. Includes 4 LED lights. Includes wiring harness.Can Be Positioned Anywhere Along The Top RailIlluminated When The Door Is OpenedIncludes 4 LED LightsIncludes Wiring HarnessIncl. 1 in. Rubber Close Out Flange5 Year WarrantyApplication Summary: Year Make/Model Sure Grip Board Light Kit (Set of 4) ..

WESTiN Automotive 27-9902 Molded Running B..

Molded Running Board Replacement Light Cover; Black; Plastic; Light Cavity Cover;Step Board Light CoverStep Board Light CoverApplication Summary: Year Make/Model Step Board Black Plastic Light Cavity Cover 2/pkg ..

WESTiN Automotive 27-9903 Lighted Running ..

Molded Running Board Wiring Harness Kit;Step Board Wiring Harness KitStep Board Wiring Harness KitApplication Summary: Year Make/Model Step Board Wiring Harness Kit 1/pkg ..

WESTiN Automotive 27-9904 Running Board Li..

Molded Running Board Replacement Light Lenses;Step Board Light LensesStep Board Light LensesApplication Summary: Year Make/Model Step Board Light Lens/housing 4/pkg ..

WESTiN Automotive 27-9905 Molded Running B..

Molded Running Board Replacement Bulb;Step Board Light BulbStep Board Light BulbApplication Summary: Year Make/Model Step Board Light Bulb 4/pkg ..

WESTiN Automotive 27-9907 Sure-Grip Gap St..

Sure Grip Replacement Gap Strip Kit; Trim Seal Gasket; For 93 in. Sure Grip Step Board;Trim seal gasket. Optional seal for molded step boards.Trim Seal GasketOptional Seal For Molded Step BoardsApplication Summary: Year Make/Model Trim Seal Gasket (Gap Strip) for 93 in Sure-Grip Step Board ..

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